Local Sports Leagues Fundraising

Local Sports Leagues: Boost Your Team’s Spirit and Funds

Team Up With US Patriot Packs
Looking for a warm way to support your local sports league? Whether it’s soccer, baseball, or any sport in between, our hand warmers are perfect for chilly game days and fundraising alike.

Benefits For Your League

  • Support Sports Programs: Help cover costs for equipment, travel, and team uniforms.

  • Exclusive Wholesale Offers: Benefit from special pricing designed for community sports teams.

  • Popular and Practical: Ideal for selling at games and local sporting events.

How It Works

  1. Register Your League: Connect with us to tailor a fundraising plan that suits your league’s size and goals.

  2. Order With Ease: Choose the quantities you need without the worry of minimum orders.

  3. Score Funds: Sell hand warmers during sports events and keep the profits to support your league.

Kick Off Your Fundraiser: Visit our Contact Page now to bring US Patriot Packs to your next game day!