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Fundraising with US Patriot Packs: Empower Youth & Community Clubs

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Whether you’re a Boy Scout troop, Girl Scout group, or part of a local youth organization like 4-H or Rotary, our disposable hand warmers offer a unique opportunity to raise funds while promoting community and patriotism.

Why US Patriot Packs?

  • Support Youth Activities: Raise funds for camping trips, community projects, and educational resources.

  • Special Wholesale Pricing: Access our hand warmers at exclusive rates, maximizing your fundraising potential.

  • Community Engagement: Easy to sell at community gatherings, enhancing your local impact.

How It Works

  1. Sign Up: Reach out via our contact page, and we'll set up everything you need to start your fundraising journey.

  2. Order Your Packs: Flexible ordering with no minimum, tailored to your group's needs.

  3. Sell and Support: Engage your community and support your club's goals with every pack sold.

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