Corporate Partnerships for Fundraising

Corporate Fundraising with US Patriot Packs: Warm Hands, Warm Hearts

Engage Your Employees, Support a Cause
Enhance your corporate social responsibility with Patriot Packs.
Perfect for employee engagement, corporate gifts, or charitable fundraising, our hand warmers make a meaningful impact.

Corporate Benefits

  • Boost Employee Morale: Engage staff in a united fundraising effort during corporate events or as a community outreach project.

  • Tailored Bulk Pricing: Get exclusive rates on bulk purchases, ideal for corporate gifting.

  • Support Veterans: Align your corporate giving with support for veterans, enhancing your company’s social impact.

How It Works

  1. Partner With Us: Contact our dedicated team to set up a corporate account.

  2. Customize Your Order: We offer customization options to align with your brand or event theme.

  3. Distribute and Donate: Use our hand warmers as corporate gifts or sell them to raise funds for your chosen charity.

Begin Your Partnership: Connect with us today to start planning your corporate fundraising strategy!