How long do disposable hand warmers stay warm?

Stay Warm and Support Our Veterans with Patriot Packs Hand Warmers

After months indoors, many of us are venturing out to explore local trails and parks. But don't let the chilly air of autumn and the cold of winter dampen your spirit. With Patriot Packs disposable hand warmers, keep your adventures warm and cozy—whether you're hiking, attending a football game, or just playing in the backyard.

How to Activate Patriot Packs Warmers

Each Patriot Pack comes in a sleek, easy-to-open package containing two warmers. To activate, simply remove the warmers from the packaging, give them a quick shake to mix the natural ingredients, and feel the warmth radiate in just seconds. If you need to save some heat for later in the day, place the warmer in an airtight plastic bag to pause the heating process. Our hand warmers provide over 10 hours of cozy heat!

What Makes Patriot Packs Warmers Special?

Patriot Packs warmers are crafted from eco-friendly, all-natural ingredients like iron, carbon, and salt. When exposed to oxygen, the iron in the warmers oxidizes and produces safe, natural heat. This chemical reaction harnesses the power of nature to keep you warm.

Toe Warmers for Cold Climates

For those who work outdoors or enjoy winter sports, keeping your toes warm is crucial. Patriot Packs toe warmers are designed to fit comfortably inside any closed-toe footwear. They come with an adhesive backing to ensure they stay in place, directly over your socks—never on bare skin, ensuring safe and efficient heat.

Supporting Veterans with Every Purchase

When you choose Patriot Packs, you’re not just buying hand warmers; you’re supporting a noble cause. A portion of every sale goes directly to veteran support initiatives, helping those who served our country. Whether you're enjoying a chilly game day or out on a hunting trip, our camo pack hand warmers ensure you stay warm while honoring our heroes.

Patriot Packs Promise: Warm Hands, Warm Hearts

As the weather turns colder, let Patriot Packs hand warmers provide the comfort and warmth your family needs. Available in various sized packs, Patriot Packs are perfect for any outdoor activity. Shop now and experience the natural, long-lasting warmth that supports a great cause.

Stay warm and make a difference with Patriot Packs. Explore our products and see how we're heating up the fight against the cold and for our veterans.